there was a princess looking for the perfect shoe to go with all her summer outfits. A fairy godmother soon came along with a bowbair sandal that could change looks with the push of a princess's finger. The princess was so pleased with her magical sandal set, she wore them everyday with a different color or style each day and lived happily ever after.


What's to Love!
Color coordinate like never before. 

Instead of having to pick between black or brown, you can really make your outfits pop. Having a shoe in more than one color just makes more sense.

Effortlessly pack more looks for a trip. 

Having to lug along all your shoes for a trip can be quite a drag. It’s much easier to throw additional switchable tops in your bag and go.

Have more without sacrificing quality. 

Don’t get stuck out and about with a broken shoe, when you can conveniently have high-quality footwear in many styles & colors.

Reduce your carbon footprint. 

Shoes that quickly wear out and fall apart create unnecessary waste. Let’s save the environment and all our cute animals among it.

Take Me on VACATION!


Switchable VEGAN Tops

Using quality materials and construction with interchangeable tops, means less stress on the environment, animals, and your pocketbook. This is how we are going to make the world a better place together, one step at a time.

Sleek, Easy-To-Use, & Strong Pushbutton

To disrupt the status quo of the fashion industry an interchangeable shoe has to be much more than functional, it has to feel & look good doing it! By designing a small interlocking fastener and a sandal to embed it within, we created the easy-to-use bowbair button that you could literally hang a 50 Lbs. weight from and no longer worry about your shoe breaking.

Adjustable Buckle

If you ever had an inexpensive sandal, then you probably know that the front finger that runs between your toes rips out easily. We are well-aware of this predicament and made sure the finger holding the front buckle is reinforced properly. We also added additional holes for the buckle attachment for a tailored fit so you can feel good looking good.

Lightweight, Flexible, & Wear-Resistant Insole

We use an air infused natural rubber that last much longer than a thin polyurethane insole or bonded leather pieces. However, the reason why we love this durable & flexible material is because it makes the most sense for our environment & animals. The more we can reduce the use of animal products and harmful materials that effect future generations, the more we make a positive difference.

Hard-Wearing Outer Sole and Heel

When we set out to design a sandal with a clear advantage of traditional shoes it was obvious that bowbair bottoms had to have a strong sole, capable of enduring everyday use with many different tops. So we found the strongest rubber (vulcanised rubber) and choose the ideal blend that gave us the flexibility you need for comfort.


Patent-pending technology designed in the USA.

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